Characters with unique expressions and a goofy sense of humor describe Gerry's style of illustration. He stares into the bottom of a coffee cup as if there is a new idea or character that he needs to discover and create.

Gerry's Graphic Design experience spans from his 10+ years in the newspaper industry and his completion of various freelance projects. From large tedious grocery ads to animated web ads, Gerry has proved that he is a creative, prolific and precise designer.

Back in 2012, Gerry decided to combine both of his Design skills and Illustration skills by creating his own children's story from scratch called, "The Tale of Steve Silverado". He designed all of the characters, wrote the book, laid out the book and published and sold the book through Amazon.com. This remains as one of Gerry's most treasured and respected accomplishments. He continues to develop other concepts and stories relating to the "Steve Silverado Universe".

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